2009 Solstice Fall season rules.

When a yellow comes out slow down to around 90mph and stay in your position until the S/F line, then catch up with the pace car. If its inside 10 Togo you are allowed to race back.
If you wreck under the yellow you will be given an EOLL, if you do it a second time you will be held a lap, 3rd time
features a ejection and possible suspension. If you cause a pile up under caution you will be parked and also have a possible suspension.

Please also pay attention at ALL times when the caution comes out, if you see them wrecking in front of you please, DO
NOT go full throttle through the wreck, slow down to save yourself and others from another wreck on the track, if I see
someone go full throttle through a wreck and smash into someone, you most likely will see a ejection screen.

If you spin and or wreck you will not be asked to park your car, just asked to go down pitroad for a EOLL. If you do not heed the EOLL, or argue with it you will be ejected without waring.

DO NOT, pass under the apron ANYTIME on the race track. If you pass someone under the apron, and don't give they're
pos. back in 1 lap you will be black flagged.

You ARE allowed to pass under the apron on the last lap when the white flag is thrown. Please only use it if you
absolutely NEED to, do not abuse the rule.


You are not allowed to pass ANYWHERE on the track before the S/F on a restart, if you do, and your not black flagged by the game I will personally black flag you.

After the S/F you are allowed to pass anywhere.


If you would like a replay reviewed, please ask an admin after the race in the server or teamspeak, do not complain about the wreck/incident in the server or teamspeak during the race.

Complaints and fighting will not be allowed on teamspeak or anywhere, if you have a complaint, keep it to yourself talk
to an admin about it after the race.
If you start to fight in teamspeak or the server, you will be warned ONCE, keep going on about it after the first waring,
you will be ejected from the server and kicked from teamspeak.
PLEASE be on your best respect with everyone around you and the admins. If any signs of dis respect start to show
up around the admins and racers, you will be warned, and if not heeded, you WILL be ejected, and depending on
what you have said, a possible ban/suspension from Solstice Short Track League.


Please keep race related chatter down, in teamspeak and in the race server, also please be quiet while we are practicing, I do not want to hear ANY arguments or yelling when someone wrecks or someone wrecks you, its mindless, immature and all around stupid and annoying.

DO NOT goof around in the race server when we are in practice or happy hour. This is when we would like to test out
the setup and feel out our cars. If you do start to goof off you will be warned. If I, or another admin catches you doing
it again, you will be ejected.

You will be required to use your real name to race in the Solstice Short Track League.

For some example Caleb Wheeler, C_Wheeler C Wheeler CWheeler

You will be required to use the same log in name for the entire season.

Your Driver folder name has to match your standings name.


Before we go racing, you will need to post your carfile under the "Carfiles" section on the forum, If you didn't post your car before race time, you will have to race a in-game car.

3 digit numbers are allowed, you can also use a number such as 18x, if you use a number like that though, make it say if it was the 18x, in game make it "180".

Please keep the paint jobs and crews P-G Rated, if not you will be asked to change, or get a possible banning.

Please have a number on both sides of your car, including roof.

You are allowed to put anything on your pitboard. But as said in the earlier post, please keep it PG-13, and mimal
cussing on it is allowed. But words such as the "F Bomb" and "N" words are not allowed.

•7. Server Crash:

If the server crashes or a mass boot takes place these are the guidelines we will be following:

If the race is over 50% complete and the export or standings are recovered either by replay or Race Admin the race will be final unless we can get the server back up in a 10 minute window.

If so, we will continue the event in the running order at the point of the server crash.

If the server crashed and the export was not saved by a League Admin or on Scoring we will reschedule the event.


Lap Cars are encouraged to stay high to yield to the leader on the inside lanes, if you start to block the leaders and hold them up, you might get a black flag.

All lap down cars will be asked to go down pitroad the second time around and get a EOLL.


On the start you are not allowed to pass ANYWHERE before the line, same thing goes for restarts.

You must maintain +/- 5 mph of the pace speed until the green flag.

If you are on the pole, you are allowed to choose which lane you would like to start in. (Inside or top)
We have double file restarts here in Solstice Short Track League, and heres how they work:

When we are given the 1 to go before the green flag, you will start to line up double file, with the odd numbers on
the inside and the even numbers on the top.

Example: If your 3rd, you would go to the inside lane, if you are 4th you will goto the top lane of the 3rd place car,
and so on back.

If you are the leader, you are allowed to choose which lane you would like to start in. (Inside or top). THIS IS ONLY

Please DO NOT pass anyone before the line. it will only result in black flags. If there is a car off the pace or missed a shift, you may pass him. If you receive black flags for passing before the line, I will clear them unless I see why I shouldn't. If you keep getting black flags for this, you may not get them cleared anymore.


If an admin tells you to park your car and fix your warp issue, and cannot be resolved you will not be racing for the night, if you do not pay attention to what the admin tells you about your warp, you will be black flagged/ejected. In most cases you will just be asked to drop to the back of the pack.

If the server starts to warp, or warps out, please HOLD your position till the server comes back on, just stay in line
keep steady speed and don't speed or hit the brakes. Keep calm.


Before you race here in this series, and we do not know you or your driving style, we would like to first see how you drive by racing AT LEAST 3 races in the CRI Truck series, to see how you act around drivers, and on the track. If you are not sure if you can race here in Solstice Short Track League, please PM me.

When you go to sign-up here in the Solstice Short Track League, you will need to know the following:

Sponsors and numbers are first come first serve. Though, you are allowed to use claimed sponsors for your QP, B-Pillars and C-Pillars and the side of the car.

The #3 is retired.

You may have up to 4 full time racing teams, and one 5th team only if the driver is running part time. He is allowed to run half the season if you have a 5th team.

PLEASE, And always, check the sponsors and numbers list before you sign-up.

Solstice Racing has re-opened just in time for September!
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