Solstice Racing opened up in earlier December of 2008 last year, and kicked off pretty well. But Solstice was soon to be shutdown do to in-activaveness in the few short weeks after we opened. When Sunset Racing closed down and CRI Racing opened up, one of the admins at CRI gave us a nice offer to let us run a league under the sosltice name at CRI in Febuary. And soon enough once everything was in order, we we're off and racing. We had 8 different winners in a row in our first online league season, with many susprises, chills, spills and down to the wire racing. In the season finale at Barrie Speedway, we had two drivers that would battle it out to the end for the championship. And those drivers we're Caleb Wheeler and Nick Baker, only seprated by 39 pts, we knew it was going to be a tight championship. It was a matter of who finished two spots ahead of eachother, and if one of us lead the most laps and won the race. In the season finale, we had a lot of full on side-by-side contact racing throughout the race. One of the best races of the season since Irwindale. In the closing laps Caleb Wheeler would get involved in a wreck and set to the back of the pack with Nick Baker up ahead of him two spots up.

On the restart Caleb Wheeler was able to make a 3 wide pass that would win him the championship. with Nick Baker being one of the cars being passed on the back straight right after the restart, Caleb Wheeler pulled away from Nick Baker and went on to win the champ. Very eventful season we had last time around. We'll see if this season will top it.

We are already three races in to the season with Justin Brooks leading the Asphalt Standings, and Adam Codol leading the dirt and overall standings.
Solstice Racing has re-opened just in time for September!
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